What are good (alcoholic) drinks when you’re on a diet?

What are good (alcoholic) drinks when you’re on a diet?  How many calories does alcohol have?

First, the facts.  Alcohol (pure) has 7 calories per gram.  Carbohydrates and protein both have 4 calories per gram; fat has 9 calories per gram.  The difference between alcohol and carbs/protein/fat is that your body gets nutrients from carbs/protein/fat but it doesn’t get anything from alcohol (besides extra calories).  Your liver is the only thing that can metabolize alcohol, so that’s why drinking too much can be bad for your liver – it gets overworked.

vanilla vodkadiet-coke

My favorite “diet” alcoholic drink is vanilla vodka and diet coke.  There are a slew of problems with diet sodas, but calorie-wise, this drink is probably the lowest.  Calories: 65 (if there is 1 oz of vodka) or 98 (for 1.5 oz).

More tips:

  • use diet soda as the mixer (slashes ~100 calories)
  • stick with light beer: <100 calories in 12 oz (versus up to 200 calories for regular!)
  • alternate alcoholic and zero-calorie non-alcoholic drinks (water, diet soda, seltzer) – not only will you save calories, you’ll stay hydrated and prevent a hangover
  • get a glass of wine (~100 calories) and sip it very slowly
  • dilute your drink with seltzer
  • skip the crazy mixed drinks (margaritas, long island iced teas, or anything big and sugary)
  • plan how much you’l have ahead of time

Good luck – stay safe and enjoy your night out.


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